"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Song Bird of the Fleet

Movement by movement
A blade of grass, song bird on the fleet 
It may storm again by sorrow 
They may never touch my heart this way again, 
In the starry eyes I still see shapes and patterns unfolding 
The wrinkle of my arms, the time capsule uncovered  

Just like the dream and failure to speak. 
Future stillborn... 

It fills up with silence and chaos with every thought that is blank
Eye lashes fluttering the wayward unseen. 
The aviance to purify the soul and eternal being...
They won't let you go, but you can't set it free... 

A teardrop falls from the eidolon 
Adrenaline rush of veins... 
Tomorrow monuments corrode 
Tonight we are not living...  

Movement by movement 
A blade of grass, song bird on the fleet. 

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