"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Friday, May 10, 2013

Saints Lament

I am a child in the playground
I am a old man on my death bed. 
I was alive in the forest and my spirit will always be there. 

The same feeling exists as life exits 
There is no one here...

I walk through the cold chill 
On the city sidewalk to Saint Mary's 
The stain glass looks as beautiful as I remember...
Though I am fully aware I am dreaming... 
I'm aware of all the pain so demanding 
To never wake up again. 

The one I loved is not even listening 
As I call her name.
Kneeling towards the pew...
My blind altar, radiant glow... 
Of no Light.  
I walk to her, each step more anxious- echos as the heart fills the blood. 
I bring her hand into mine and speak, but no words come out. 

I hold her near to me
She embraces me close...

All the pain goes away in that instance
Souls are one.

But as I feel my eyes start to open
I fight the urge...
She turns to holy water in my arms...
Dissolving every letter ever written to me
Leaving only the last one.

The same feeling exists as life exits 
I am left alone. 

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