"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Friday, May 24, 2013

Pressed Determinants

Turn off the phone, check messages 
Of disassembled words
Nowhere but home...
Nothing wakes the soul
But your thoughts into dreams
Tortured heaven blank thoughts
On a sea of rage...
Spring fragrance 
Birds flock from their origins 
All this and memories fade 
Tire of the making new...
Desire to be complete... 
Nevertheless by what? 

Blank screen savors blinking in the blue light
Of computer monitors 
Contemplation- uncoiled- thin air 
Dull air conditioned sky set against
Tinted skylights. 
Cold heart ignorant of the great vibration 
The waves and poly-rhythms of sitars 
And lyres on the peach skies to black coda  

Refrain from expanding- 
Immune to the disease we connect. 

There is a foolish sun
Leaving all the rain to drown
And mourn for the others past
Before this generation 
Of glassy eyes 

Staring endlessly without
A pause for grace
Celebrated loneliness
In Candlelight ennui. 

The candles in a circle, burning red 
Flares flickering- casting shimmering shades 
The haunting abrades this dark castle 
Us doomed occupants perform the rites  
Salvation in the smoke and embers fly like ghosts 
Specters on the edge of twilight
Hollow eyes... 
Clean so the endless grace... 

With on into 
Within and from
The past the present 
The desperate and despaired  
Arriving lost to a place unknown 
Born to the high altars submersed  
In holy water unclothed 

I am no more sacred 
Then this one who found love in her.

Hearts beating

With on into
Within and from.

Our fate left in the wind
Mortal coils intermixed 
With destiny grasping
With on and into

Pressed determinants, zero planes's 
Resolving from our consequence.

Love lost, fate bound 

Within and from 

Subjoined reflect of the beating hearts.  

Alec Wildey & Trevor James 
May 24, 2013 

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