"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Horizons Harbor

You have related to this image 
Nearby the fireplace people use to read...
Compelled by the weather, spitting warm tea. 
 All so romantic yet sadly... not at all.... 
Averted from their sanity, the moon rise up again
Slow over the uncertain horizons to harbor a dismal glow
Averted from their sanctuary, miles deep into the ground. 

Horizons harbor... 

It took much from the depths to write with such passion
And fortunate for the eyes had seen, now blind to awaken. 
I have had many the quiet nights... 
Bouncing off the walls trying to calm the war, dust within 
The nuisance always numbing to be a slave for sleep in vain. 

Old movies replay in different seasons, the years moonlight... 
Above starless creation... Will we ever know the great divine?

 All so romantic yet sadly... not at all... 

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