"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deities of the Temple / Audience of None

A kaleidoscope of rain pours out of the heavens 
Graceful drops soaking into every space.
Grace rolls down the wet concrete. 
Through the kingdom.
The city made of stone.
Purgatory of white marble.
Pillars ascend to the deities of the temple.
Golden shimmering doors reflect amber moondew 
Wet leaves of grass and mandarin groves.
Rushing breeze and newspapers rolling across the alley 
Bricks red in hue and low light
Walking down through, gauze of rue... 


Sunbeams to our broken promises 
Open up inside to remind us of light
Reflected eyes of hate disintegrate
The ornaments of belief... 
Artistic sin. BLASPHEMY!
Broken promise of our sunbeams 
Remembrance of light, open up inside 
Of hate disintegrate, reflected eyes. 

Moon cast shadows on mists of rain.
The silence creeps closer as we drift away. 

Through the audience of none,
Without reason to feel any significance at all.
Sleep more than the renown... 
As the weakness, empowered 
By just a brief encounter, the allure... 

Emotional attraction, underline resolve. 

Reflected eyes stare through the audience of none.

Purgatory of white marble.
The city made of stone.


Part (I) Trevor James (Bold) 
& Part (II) Alec Wildey (Italics) 

Arrangement by AW  

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