"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Horizons Harbor

You have related to this image 
Nearby the fireplace people use to read...
Compelled by the weather, spitting warm tea. 
 All so romantic yet sadly... not at all.... 
Averted from their sanity, the moon rise up again
Slow over the uncertain horizons to harbor a dismal glow
Averted from their sanctuary, miles deep into the ground. 

Horizons harbor... 

It took much from the depths to write with such passion
And fortunate for the eyes had seen, now blind to awaken. 
I have had many the quiet nights... 
Bouncing off the walls trying to calm the war, dust within 
The nuisance always numbing to be a slave for sleep in vain. 

Old movies replay in different seasons, the years moonlight... 
Above starless creation... Will we ever know the great divine?

 All so romantic yet sadly... not at all... 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beyond Mere

Waited on misfortune until brief moments of clarity 
A sentence spoke in a panic to provoke 
(This may not be the utmost of depth we've reached)   
Untitled, loose harp peg 
Vibration of the soul... cries in it's heritage 
Keeper of the flame... 
Banished to the last living memory. 

Hold back the tears, in stormy weather 
And from frailty there is grace and your parents wisdom 
Can still feel the warmth from somewhere within... 
We move shoreward by the lake and hike through the mountains... 
A prayer among the choir hymns in rejoiceful unison  
  Delicate thoughts... the train is leaving 
But only nostalgia knows where... 
Only poets are living 

For. the. soul. purpose. 
A heart to beat the same. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pressed Determinants

Turn off the phone, check messages 
Of disassembled words
Nowhere but home...
Nothing wakes the soul
But your thoughts into dreams
Tortured heaven blank thoughts
On a sea of rage...
Spring fragrance 
Birds flock from their origins 
All this and memories fade 
Tire of the making new...
Desire to be complete... 
Nevertheless by what? 

Blank screen savors blinking in the blue light
Of computer monitors 
Contemplation- uncoiled- thin air 
Dull air conditioned sky set against
Tinted skylights. 
Cold heart ignorant of the great vibration 
The waves and poly-rhythms of sitars 
And lyres on the peach skies to black coda  

Refrain from expanding- 
Immune to the disease we connect. 

There is a foolish sun
Leaving all the rain to drown
And mourn for the others past
Before this generation 
Of glassy eyes 

Staring endlessly without
A pause for grace
Celebrated loneliness
In Candlelight ennui. 

The candles in a circle, burning red 
Flares flickering- casting shimmering shades 
The haunting abrades this dark castle 
Us doomed occupants perform the rites  
Salvation in the smoke and embers fly like ghosts 
Specters on the edge of twilight
Hollow eyes... 
Clean so the endless grace... 

With on into 
Within and from
The past the present 
The desperate and despaired  
Arriving lost to a place unknown 
Born to the high altars submersed  
In holy water unclothed 

I am no more sacred 
Then this one who found love in her.

Hearts beating

With on into
Within and from.

Our fate left in the wind
Mortal coils intermixed 
With destiny grasping
With on and into

Pressed determinants, zero planes's 
Resolving from our consequence.

Love lost, fate bound 

Within and from 

Subjoined reflect of the beating hearts.  

White Wall

Limbs are tied, shifted in the hollow wind 
Song bird of emptiness
Rain in tone with melancholy 
Somehow blossomed in despair... 
No colours flourished 
White wall... blacked solitude 
Relies on sort responses and the indifferent pause... 
The loss of hearing any voice but not my own.
(Close the door... climb the wall)
But no spark to light the way... 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Staring Blind

You were staring directly in
As I awoke by the rain on Sunday
Never matters the cost... 
The placement of keys
Left on the piano...
Smiled if I had dared not-
Made a fool out of myself 
Since hiding. 
Enlightened by everything ephemeral...

Odd soul so uninspired 
Old soul just slips into the mantle 
Then out into the empty night....
Through playgrounds of youth 
And memories in a starless galaxy... 

Not far from staring blind. 

Music: Domenic Pisitelli 
Words: Alec Wildey

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Limited heartbeats
Quiet rain
And things of the past left unread
Papers folded
Anxiety all that's left... 
Windows broken 
With no view from inside. 
Cries at night
Books against fragile hearts 
That won't fade like I will. 

That live on after soul dies. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Storm Water

Saints rose 
Flown higher now in grass sown white 
Travel like pollen through the nearby breeze 
Lake of storm water, windows to soul's vision 
See with a fear not known to human 
Just sees the name on concrete 

The name before.
The year.  
The rose after...
The haven. 

Concept buried under but not deep 
Held like an oxygen tank 
In close arms 
Never breathing quite the same. 
The spring of benevolent beauty 
Gone with the disease... 
Every mourning uncertain. 
Of light to darkness and darkness to unending space.

Lake of storm water, windows to soul's vision 
See with a fear not known to human.  
Just sees the name on concrete 

The name before.
The year.  

The rose after...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bloodline (II) Arms Length

Colours change the face I had once known...
Eyes of demons 
The hurt of a heart beats travels desperate
You want to know how I feel God...?
I can't put into words...
The anger, the pain that seems unmendable

I follow the bloodline cold into the night...

Every 2 hours reminded
How much time has left...

How much time has past without the sky in arms length. 

Do your promises feel secure?
Left in the mind waiting patiently to die...   
Broken like the words when first said. 

You want to know how I feel God...?
I can't put into words...

Bloodline (I)

He said, I need to find inspiration 
I have no meaning anymore...
The words are like strings out of tune
(Eyes out of focus) 
Bloodline cold;
And there is no harmony 
Not without a voice that can sing
Can't recall a simple phrase, die by the rope. 
By cliche's, by drugs... 

Believe to just believe without the sake of wondering. 

We're all just people here 
It makes no difference the differences 
And I try to keep that in mind...

Alone by the stable in arms length 
I could carry the weight of my own fear
Or allow the heart to be driven out...

When it's all the passion that refuses to give. 

Light this flame again.
He said, I need to find the inspiration. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Consume (I)

I don't want to leave her there in the disrepair I'm in
Heartbeats are cold and the trees are blowing sacred 
Pages of profound love in endless oceans 
Take me away from here... from this body, from this prison 
Light the way of all signs or just show me one reflected 
Point me in the direction that's closer... lead it far.
Anyway that's open to something else. I am nowhere now. 

To glow in memories of youth 
Before life's restraints.

Passion consumes you, and takes so much from you, 
That you can’t make it out alive.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Picture still life in golden sun light 
Your picture still, this fate and glory 
Now no more the shadow heron
Searching the empty space for fulfillment 
None of the qualities made...
Live until you die and make one lasting impression 
It seems as simple as the heron opens his wings... 

Your picture still, this fate and glory 
Now no more the shadow heron. 


Words are left out of the crowd
Filter the eyes through smoky rooms
There is a sense of not belonging... not ever.
I seclude myself, sedate the afterthought
Holding several pills in the palm of hands
Watching the moons face sadden with the reality not made
Something has to be enough to hold the stars in place...
Sleep. no longer be a prayer,
But a dismal cry... 
No longer be a dream, in lifeless eyes 
No longer know thy wisdom
Feel a smile, hear the laughter, no longer be.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Saints Lament

I am a child in the playground
I am a old man on my death bed. 
I was alive in the forest and my spirit will always be there. 

The same feeling exists as life exits 
There is no one here...

I walk through the cold chill 
On the city sidewalk to Saint Mary's 
The stain glass looks as beautiful as I remember...
Though I am fully aware I am dreaming... 
I'm aware of all the pain so demanding 
To never wake up again. 

The one I loved is not even listening 
As I call her name.
Kneeling towards the pew...
My blind altar, radiant glow... 
Of no Light.  
I walk to her, each step more anxious- echos as the heart fills the blood. 
I bring her hand into mine and speak, but no words come out. 

I hold her near to me
She embraces me close...

All the pain goes away in that instance
Souls are one.

But as I feel my eyes start to open
I fight the urge...
She turns to holy water in my arms...
Dissolving every letter ever written to me
Leaving only the last one.

The same feeling exists as life exits 
I am left alone. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

(IV) Far From the Tree

Painting: "The Magic Apple Tree" by: Samuel Palmer

Caste away this solitary boat out to sea... 
Leave here now with your gaze frozen in times hidden memory  
Bewildered in the colours surrounding 
The untimely present, future awaits... 
The sky is nothing more than a trick of the eyes... 

The vision in the night is flawless. shadowed by her embrace.. 

You are not the only one who fell far from the tree. 

(III) Divine & Noble

Painting: "Garden in Shorham" by: Samuel Palmer

Divine & Noble
You are not the only one who fell far from the tree
The vision in the night was flawless, shadowed by her touch
Reaching into my past and removing it's strength 
To take it all from me...
(Shadowed by her hand- blind house- 
Not even a ghost to sheltered breeze) 
To take it all from me... 
By the core- of a half eaten apple.
Desire to give, temptation to suffer...


You are not the only one

Divine & noble;

(II) Starless Glory

Painting: "Lament" by: Samuel Palmer

This is not the rain...
This is something fear despises  
Heartache when the feather touches close to home 
I recapture the spirit, the spring and soft touch
Hearing modest birds flown over the starless earth
When laughter and sorrow unite the glory,
Glory falls from exceptional worlds 
And when you've actually been through it...
And seen what is real 
Is when you'll actually be born and know how to heal

(Heartache when the feather touches close to home.) 

(I) Core

Painting; Coming from Evening Church, by Samuel Palmer

The first sign of light, in the darkness blue
I do not feel you, God, not anymore...
Within the confines, the spirit... alone.
My offer to this branch- a drop of rain
My offer to the soil beneath- my remains.

I am through with the offering...

My core is empty. 

I do not feel you, God, 
Yet I still fear you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Song Bird of the Fleet

Movement by movement
A blade of grass, song bird on the fleet 
It may storm again by sorrow 
They may never touch my heart this way again, 
In the starry eyes I still see shapes and patterns unfolding 
The wrinkle of my arms, the time capsule uncovered  

Just like the dream and failure to speak. 
Future stillborn... 

It fills up with silence and chaos with every thought that is blank
Eye lashes fluttering the wayward unseen. 
The aviance to purify the soul and eternal being...
They won't let you go, but you can't set it free... 

A teardrop falls from the eidolon 
Adrenaline rush of veins... 
Tomorrow monuments corrode 
Tonight we are not living...  

Movement by movement 
A blade of grass, song bird on the fleet. 

Saints Rose

From life to birth, from soul immortal 
The narrow clothesline of the before refuge. 
The window opening- to never loose such frail embrace;

The heart fills with luxury and with the constant need 
O f  p e a c e  f o r   m i n d . . . 

Extend the hand, condemned beings, palm lines 
The scars of symmetry, life will end. slowly decipher;
The promise of eyes to see more than what is shown 
Never learned from the past, you've already seen my shadow ghost
Walk out the door, first into the light- now over your shoulder.
Saints rose is all you can imagine from a dream now- not inside.
A world with no beginning yet first takes the heart of passion 
Into the profound darkness- leaving nothing but the colour red- on the rose 
She is holding- doesn't know this will be 
The ashes that will uncover- the true direction of the wind.  

From life to birth, from soul immortal 

Saints Rose. 

Extending hand.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deities of the Temple / Audience of None

A kaleidoscope of rain pours out of the heavens 
Graceful drops soaking into every space.
Grace rolls down the wet concrete. 
Through the kingdom.
The city made of stone.
Purgatory of white marble.
Pillars ascend to the deities of the temple.
Golden shimmering doors reflect amber moondew 
Wet leaves of grass and mandarin groves.
Rushing breeze and newspapers rolling across the alley 
Bricks red in hue and low light
Walking down through, gauze of rue... 


Sunbeams to our broken promises 
Open up inside to remind us of light
Reflected eyes of hate disintegrate
The ornaments of belief... 
Artistic sin. BLASPHEMY!
Broken promise of our sunbeams 
Remembrance of light, open up inside 
Of hate disintegrate, reflected eyes. 

Moon cast shadows on mists of rain.
The silence creeps closer as we drift away. 

Through the audience of none,
Without reason to feel any significance at all.
Sleep more than the renown... 
As the weakness, empowered 
By just a brief encounter, the allure... 

Emotional attraction, underline resolve. 

Reflected eyes stare through the audience of none.

Purgatory of white marble.
The city made of stone.


Part (I) Trevor James (Bold) 
& Part (II) Alec Wildey (Italics) 

Arrangement by AW