"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dust Thou Art (I)

Judgment street...
One way paved to gray. 
Holding out open arms to disarm unwelcome. 

A path to knowledge, one can only perceive 
But not believe so well...
(The open door eludes me
Anxiety climbing up the wall.)
It is one thing to express how you matter...
But another to oblige without cautious measure.   

The crows look down from above
The weeping willow...
The elder me sits below in the shade
Wise to the bitterness that left him that way
The same month it arrived years prior. 

The love through the wind
Heavy in nature. 

Some siren... air chime of a train
Depressant fades...
Pour your liquor, deprive a wish; 
Sentimental will always be there.

In moonlight waning crescent, 
Disappear behind the clouds 
A sequence of stars uncoiled, 
Return to the soil ground. 

To me...

Dust thou art to dust returnest 

Sentimental will always be here.

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