"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Friday, March 22, 2013

Glassy Eyed

I feel I'm reaching out my hands into
A darkness none can live
I was there before more alone,
Less distinguished... 
To Sleepless eyes, smiles of spring
Winter tore from my embrace...
My spiritual wilderness 

Tore from hallow remains   
My reserve 
Monumental peace... 

Stare glassy eyed through my soul
((The windows))
Reflected memories of a shapeless ghost 
Blind to human prosperity; 
Refusal of my better half...
Don't deny me to even wish...
Before all eternity... 

Stares glassy eyed. 

I want to believe the mystery...

Never take for granted 
The words are hardly said. 

I never want to give up on what is most
Beautiful, significant 
Songs remorseful played to comfort...
Tonight's pain has passed. 

I hold a candle in the night
Photos to my heart
The light will not die 
The love will not burn out. 

Stare glassy eyed through my soul.
((The windows))

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