"Dust thou art to dust returnest"


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Undying Awareness

My will to compose an undying awareness 
Something separating me from the above
I see your heart of gold
I dissolved my love in you too carry on...
Protect me from my haste 
I cannot see outside my window

There is a Grave shadow over head
An even brighter halo
To profound the circle of death
Life will fulfill you always...

And I. Will. Cross. That. Bridge.

When I'm there.

I will comfort your...
Inability to comfort me. 


I will not be a Saint for all those artificial people...
Who walk this earth without passion or purpose 
Though I still live impaired with my own delusions  
In faith always trusted 
 Become a burden to drag these ropes further more; 
Prone to self inflected wounds, to sever from death   
By lights refusal... 

My blood may run deep
Weaker through this ailing body 
Enduring my heart the difference between 
What is living and what is loving 

My will to compose an undying awareness 

To profound the circle. 

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